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Other Science Event Listings:

The following is a list of upcoming events, mostly conferences and workshops related to Science. Pages about events should make use of the event template to be listed below. You can also subscribe to an according RSS feed of upcoming events.

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Calendars of all events on OpenResearch are available in iCalendar format, which can be subscribed to by most calendar tools. The calendars are likely to be updated as new events are added, so it is recommended to instruct your calendar application to update from time to time (i.e. to subscribe and not just to import once).

List of upcoming events

Show only: Conferences, Workshops, Tutorials, PhD symposia, Summer schools, Demo sessions, Proceedings, Tracks.

AcronymNameCityCountrySubmission deadlineStart dateEnd dateConferenceWorkshop
SemDeep 2017Second Workshop on Semantic Deep LearningMontpellierFrance19 October 201719 October 2017 X
SCCC 2017SCCC 2017 : 36th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science SocietyAricaChile7 August 201716 October 201720 October 2017X 
INFONOR-CHILE 2017INFONOR-CHILE 2017 : VIII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON COMPUTING IN NORTHERN CHILEARICAChile31 July 2017 12:00:0016 October 2017 12:00:0020 October 2017 12:00:00X 
BSidesLux 2017BSidesLux 2017 : BSides Luxembourg 2017Luxembourg CityLuxembourg15 September 2017 12:00:0020 October 2017 12:00:0020 October 2017 12:00:00X 
WOP 20178th Workshop on Ontology Design and PatternsViennaAustria21 October 201721 October 2017 X
DeSemWeb 2017Workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic WebViennaAustria21 October 201722 October 2017 X
SemStats 20175th International Workshop on Semantic StatisticsViennaAustria22 October 201722 October 2017 X
IEEE IINTEC 2017IEEE IINTEC 2017 : International Conference on Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and CommunicationsGafsaTunisia4 August 201720 October 201722 October 2017X 
ACE 2017ACE 2017 : The Asian Conference on Education 2017KobeJapan7 August 201719 October 201722 October 2017X 
ICFET 2017ICFET 2017 : 2017 The 3rd International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies (ICFET 2017)LondonUK20 August 201721 October 201723 October 2017 X
ICCV CoViStories 2017ICCV 2017 - CoViStories 2017 : ICCV 2017 - CoViStories: Workshop on Collaborative Visual StoriesVeniceItaly8 July 201723 October 201723 October 2017X 
IEEE - ICKEA 2017IEEE - ICKEA 2017 : IEEE--2017 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications (ICKEA 2017)--Ei Compendex and ScopusLondonUK25 August 2017 12:00:0021 October 2017 12:00:0023 October 2017 12:00:00X 
SemSci 20171st International Workshop on Enabling Open Semantic ScienceViennaAustria21 October 201725 October 2017 X
PrivOn 20175th International Workshop on Society, Privacy and the Semantic Web Policy and TechnologyViennaAustria21 October 201725 October 2017 X
ISWC 201716th International Semantic Web ConferenceViennaAustria10 July 201721 October 201725 October 2017X 
TRAP 2017TRAP 2017 : First European Conference on Traffic Mining Applied to Police ActivitiesRomeItaly21 August 201725 October 201726 October 2017X 
ICMMM - EI 2017ICMMM - EI 2017 : 2017 4th International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2017)--Ei Compendex, CPCI and ScopusAtlantaUSA25 August 201725 October 201727 October 2017 X
ICVL 2017ICVL 2017 : The 12th International Conference on Virtual LearningSibiuRomania30 August 201728 October 201728 October 2017X 
ICAITA 2017ICAITA 2017 : 6th International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies and ApplicationsSydneyAustralia5 August 2017 12:00:0028 October 2017 12:00:0029 October 2017 12:00:00X 
EBMEI-EIM 2017EBMEI-EIM 2017 : 2017 2nd EBMEI International Conference on Education,Information and ManagementCasablancaMorocco15 September 201729 October 201730 October 2017X 
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