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List of papers

Total number of papers: 36

PaperResearch problemVenueYearTool/Ontology
SERIMI – Resource Description Similarity, RDF Instance Matching and InterlinkingLink DiscoveryArXiv2011SERIMI
A Survey of Current Link Discovery FrameworksLink DiscoverySemantic Web Journal2017No data available now.
AgreementMaker: Efficient Matching for Large Real-World Schemas and OntologiesLink DiscoveryVLDB2009AgreementMaker
KnoFuss: A Comprehensive Architecture for Knowledge FusionLink DiscoveryK-CAP2007KnoFuss
SLINT: A Schema-Independent Linked Data Interlinking SystemLink DiscoveryOM2012SLINT
Discovering and Maintaining Links on the Web of DataLink DiscoveryISWC2009Silk–Linking
Zhishi.links Results for OAEI 2011Link DiscoveryOM2011Zhishi.links
LIMES - A Time-Efficient Approach for Large-Scale Link Discovery on the Web of DataLink DiscoveryIJCAI2011LIMES
LogMap: Logic-based and Scalable Ontology MatchingLink DiscoveryISWC2011LogMap
A Probabilistic-Logical Framework for Ontology MatchingLink DiscoveryAAAI2010Ml-match
SPLENDID: SPARQL Endpoint Federation Exploiting VOID DescriptionsSPARQL Query FederationCOLD2011SPLENDID
Querying the Web of Interlinked Datasets using VOID DescriptionsSPARQL Query FederationLDOW2012WoDQA
Querying the Web of Data with Graph Theory-based TechniquesSPARQL Query FederationWeb and Internet Science2006GDS
Avalanche: Putting the Spirit of the Web back into Semantic Web QueryingSPARQL Query FederationISWC2010Avalanche
Querying Distributed RDF Data Sources with SPARQLSPARQL Query FederationESWC2008DARQ
Adaptive Integration of Distributed Semantic Web DataSPARQL Query FederationDNIS2010ADERIS
FedX: Optimization Techniques for Federated Query Processing on Linked DataSPARQL Query FederationISWC2011FedX
Optimizing SPARQL Queries over Disparate RDF Data Sources through Distributed Semi-joinsSPARQL Query FederationISWC2008Distributed SPARQL
A Semantic Web Middleware for Virtual Data Integration on the WebSPARQL Query FederationESWC2008SemWIQ
ANAPSID: An Adaptive Query Processing Engine for SPARQL EndpointsSPARQL Query FederationISWC2011ANAPSID
Integration of Scholarly Communication Metadata using Knowledge GraphsSemantifying scholarly artifactsTPDL2017No data available now.
Towards a Knowledge Graph Representing Research Findings by Semantifying Survey ArticlesSemantifying scholarly artifactsTPDL2017SemSur
Analysing Scholarly Communication Metadata of Computer Science EventsSemantifying scholarly artifactsTPDL2017No data available now.
Towards a Knowledge Graph for ScienceSemantifying scholarly artifactsWIMS2018-
Cross: an OWL wrapper for teasoning on relational databasesTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebER2007Cross
Unveiling the hidden bride: deep annotation for mapping and migrating legacy data to the Semantic WebTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebJournal of Web Semantics2004No data available now.
Use of OWL and SWRL for Semantic Relational Database TranslationTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebOWLED2008Automapper
Accessing and Documenting Relational Databases through OWL OntologiesTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebFQAS2009ROSEX-SPARREW
Updating Relational Data via SPARQL/UpdateTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebEDBT2010OntoAccess
DataMaster – a Plug-in for Importing Schemas and Data from Relational Databases into ProtégéTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebIPC2007DataMaster
Bringing Relational Databases into the Semantic Web: A SurveyTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebSemantic Web Journal2012No data available now.
RDB2ONT: A Tool for Generating OWL Ontologies From Relational Database SystemsTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebICIW2006RDB2ONT
From Relational Data to RDFS ModelsTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebICWE2004FDR2
D2RQ – Treating Non-RDF Databases as Virtual RDF GraphsTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebISWC2004D2RQ
Relational.OWL - A Data and Schema Representation Format Based on OWLTransforming Relational Databases into Semantic WebPAKDD2005Relational.OWL
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