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Conference on Extending Database Technology
Homepage: www.edbt.org
Average acceptance rate: 18.6
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EDBT has an average acceptance rate of 18.6%.


The following events of the series EDBT are currently known in this wiki:

 FromToCityCountryGeneral chairPC chairAcceptance rateAttendees
EDBT 19942 February 19944 February 199417.2
EDBT 199617.4
EDBT 199816.8
EDBT 200016.0
EDBT 200217.4
EDBT 200414.3
EDBT 200617.0
EDBT 200825 March 200830 March 2008NantesFrance
EDBT 200924 March 200926 March 2009Sankt PetersburgRussiaBoris NovikovMartin Kersten
EDBT 20102010LausanneSwitzerland17.6
EDBT 20112011UppsalaSweden27.7
EDBT 20122012BerlinGermany22.3
EDBT 20132013GenoaItaly20.4
EDBT 201826 March 201829 March 2018Some personSome person
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EDBT is the conference on Extending Database Technology.

Facts about "EDBT"
Has Average Acceptance Rate18.6 +
Homepagehttp://www.edbt.org +
TitleConference on Extending Database Technology +