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vCardSören Auer
Field: Semantic Web
Position: Professor(Prof. Dr.)
Sören Auer
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Affiliation: affiliation::TIB Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology
Homepage: tib.eu
Has wikipedia link: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%B6ren Auer
Has orcid link: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0698-2864
Twitter account: @SoerenAuer
Phone: +49 (1578) 4988949
Dissertation: Towards Agile Knowledge Engineering - Methodology, Concepts and Tools (2006, Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, Universität Leipzig)
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Sören Auer studied Mathematics and Computer Science in Dresden, Hagen and Yekaterinburg (Russia). Before pursuing a scientific career Sören was managing director of adVIS GmbH, a Dresden-based Internet and IT service provider until 2003. In 2006 he obtained his doctorate in Computer Science from Universität Leipzig. From 2006-2008 he worked with the database research group at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. In 2008 he founded AKSW research group at University of Leipzig, which he led till 2013. From 2013 to 2017, he held the chair for Enterprise Information Systems at University of Bonn and led a department at Fraunhofer Institute for Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS). In 2017 he was appointed as professor for Data Science and Digital Libraries at Leibniz University of Hannover and director of TIB German National Library of Science and Technology. Sören has made substantial contributions to semantic web technologies, knowledge engineering, software engineering, as well as databases and information systems. Sören is author (respectively co-author) of over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He received several awards, such as the ESWC 7-year best paper award or the OpenCourseware Innovation award. He led / is leading several large-scale collaborative research projects such as the European Union’s H2020 flagship project BigDataEurope. Sören is co-founder of several high-impact research and community projects such as the Wikipedia semantification project DBpedia, the OpenCourseWare authoring platform SlideWiki.org or the scholarly communication metadata platform OpenResearch.org. The technology Sören develops with his team fuels many industrial applications. He is organiser, programme or track co-chair of renowned conferences and workshops, including OKCON 2010, ESWC 2010, ICWE 2011, WWW 2012, European Data Forum. He serves as an expert for industry, the European Commission, the W3C and board member of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

Research and Technology Interests

  • Data Science, Semantic Technologies and Linked Data
  • Knowledge Representation and Management, in particular agile, light-weight methodologies and social semantic collaboration
  • Software engineering, open-source software and adaptive methodologies and tools
  • Open, participatory research and development, open science
  • Application domains: enterprise data integration, Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, smart cities, digital humanities

Event attendance


  • studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Universities of Dresden, Hagen and Ekaterinburg, 1998-2000
  • CEO of adVIS GmbH, 2000-2002
  • PhD in Computer Science at University of Leipzig, 2006
  • PostDoc at University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2009
  • Head of AKSW research group, 2006-2013
  • Professor for Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) at University of Bonn, 2013-2017
  • Member of the leadership council of Fraunhofer IAIS, 2013-2017
  • Professor for Data Science and Digital Libraries at Leibniz University of Hannover, since 2017
  • Director of TIB Leibniz Information center for Science and Technology, since 2017

Current Activities

Former Activities

  • Founding member (representative of Fraunhofer society) of the board of directors of Big Data Value Association
  • Co-chair of the steering committee of the European Data Forum
  • Coordinator of the EU-FP7-ICT IP project LOD2 - Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data
  • Founder and head of AKSW Research group at University of Leipzig
  • Editor in Chief of Journal of Semantic Web and Information Systems, editorial board member of various journals (Semantic Web Journal, Journal of Web Engineering)
  • Principle investigator for the funded research projects OntoWiki (EU-FP7-SME) and LE4SW (BmBF)
  • Programme committee co-chair of: WWW 2012, ICWE 2011, ESWC 2012, OKCon 2010, I-Semantics 2008
  • Programme committee member of conferences and workshops, e.g.: ICDE2012, WWW 2013, ISWC 2012, ESWC 2013, IEEE-ICSC 2011
  • Director of academic master studies program "Content- and Media Engineering" at Leipzig School of Media
  • W3C's RDB2RDF Working Group (invited expert)
  • EU's 6th and 7th framework programs (evaluator and reviewer)
  • Member of the W3C Data Activity Coordination Group (DACG)
  • Supervision of doctoral students: Sebastian Tramp, Sebastian Hellmann, Michael Martin, Jörg Unbehauen, Philipp Frischmuth, Ali Khalili, Timofey Ermilov, Mohamed Morsey, Claus Stadler, Saeedeh Shekarpour, Amrapali J. Zaveri

Selected Keynotes and Invited Talks

  • SAP d-kom 2017: Tackling the Variety Dimension of Big Data
  • SMWCon Fall 2016
  • VIVO 2016: Towards Digitizing Scholarly Communication - Video, Slides
  • SCADS Summer School: Big Knowledge Graphs, July 19, Leipzig, Germany
  • DINI 2015: Allheilmittel oder Basis-Technologie - Was ist dran an Linked Data?
  • ZVEI strategy board: Semantic Models for Industry 4.0
  • ASAM International conference: From Linked Data to Big Data - How the Interlinking of Distributed and Heterogeneous Data can Facilitate Automotive Development, Production and Services, Dresden, Dec 9
  • SEMIC Conference: Creating Data Value Chains by Linking Enterprise Data, May 4th, Riga, Lithuania
  • Volkswagen Search & Semantic SummIT 2014: Linked Enterprise Data , Volkswagen, Wolfsburg
  • JIST 2014
  • SRII Asia Summit: The Web of Interlinked Data and Knowledge, Sept. 16-18, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
  • International Economic Forum: Potentials and Benefits of Linked Open Data, 21.6.2013, St. Petersburg
  • TPDL 2013: What can Linked Data do for Digital Libraries - Video, Slides
  • LREC 2012
  • SBBD 2011
  • ReWeb 2011
  • BIS 2011
  • CONSEGI 2011, WIMS 2011
  • ISWSA 2011
  • ESWC 2010


My Conference Calendar

I'm interested in presenting my work at the following venues:

AcronymNameCityCountrySubmission deadlineStart dateEnd dateConferenceWorkshop
SEMANTiCS 201915th SEMANTiCS ConferenceKarlsruheDeutschland9 January 19999 September 201912 September 2019X 
AAAI 201933rd AAAI Conference on Artificial IntelligenceHonoluluUSA5 September 201827 January 20191 February 2019X 
ICSC 2019The 13th IEEE International Conference on ​Semantic ComputingNewport BeachUSA26 October 201830 January 20191 February 2019X 
WWW 2019The Web ConferenceSan FranciscoUSA5 November 201813 May 201917 May 2019X 
ESWC 201916th Extended Semantic Web ConferencePortorožSlovenia10 December 20182 June 20196 June 2019X 
ICWE 201919th International Conference on Web EngineeringDaejeonSouth Korea25 January 201911 June 201914 June 2019X 
VLDB 2019International Conference on Very Large Data BasesLos AngelesUSA1 March 201926 August 201930 August 2019X 
KEOD 201911th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology DevelopmentViennaAustria29 April 201917 September 201919 September 2019X 
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