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The following is a list of upcoming events, mostly conferences and workshops related to {{#urlget:field}}. Pages about events should make use of the event template to be listed below. You can also subscribe to an according RSS feed of upcoming events.

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Calendars of all events on OpenResearch are available in iCalendar format, which can be subscribed to by most calendar tools. The calendars are likely to be updated as new events are added, so it is recommended to instruct your calendar application to update from time to time (i.e. to subscribe and not just to import once).

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Show only: Conferences, Workshops, Tutorials, PhD symposia, Summer schools, Demo sessions, Proceedings, Tracks.

AcronymNameCityCountrySubmission deadlineStart dateEnd dateConferenceWorkshop
ICDT 201922nd International Conference on Database TheoryLisbonPortugal23 September 201826 March 201929 March 2019X 
IoTSE20192019 International Conference On IoT And System EngineeringXi'anChina30 April 201910 May 201911 May 2019X 
WWW 2019The Web ConferenceSan FranciscoUSA5 November 201813 May 201917 May 2019X 
ESWC 201916th Extended Semantic Web ConferencePortorožSlovenia10 December 20182 June 20196 June 2019X 
ICWE 201919th International Conference on Web EngineeringDaejeonSouth Korea1 February 201911 June 201914 June 2019X 
SnT 2019SnT 2019 – CTBT: Science and Technology ConferenceWienÖsterreich6 January 201924 June 201928 June 2019X 
CAV 201931st International Conference on Computer-Aided VerificationNew York CityUnited States of America15 July 201918 July 2019X 
CRYPTO 2019Santa BarbaraUSA13 February 201918 August 201922 August 2019X 
CADE 2019The 27th International Conference on Automated DeductionNatalBrazil27 February 201925 August 201930 August 2019X 
VLDB 2019International Conference on Very Large Data BasesLos AngelesUSA1 March 2019
15 June 2019
26 August 201930 August 2019X 
SEMANTiCS 201915th SEMANTiCS ConferenceKarlsruheDeutschland9 January 2019
30 April 2019
9 September 201912 September 2019X 
KEOD 201911th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology DevelopmentViennaAustria29 April 201917 September 201919 September 2019X 
BTU 2019Bau, Technik und Umwelt in der landwirtschaftlichen Nutztierhaltung (BTU)BonnGermany24 September 201926 September 2019X 
Ro-MAM 201928th IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Human Interactive CommunicationNew DelhiIndia15 July 201914 October 201918 October 2019X 
ICDT 2017International Conference on Database TheoryVeniceItaly21 March 201724 March 2917X 
ICNFCM20172017 International Conference on Nanomaterials, Functional and Composite MaterialsHong KongChina7 January 201078 January 20107X 
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